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About Ideal Home HQ

Ideal Home HQ Connecting BuildersWhether you are coming to Ideal Home HQ as a Home Owner or as a Professional wanting to promote your business our mission is simple.

At Ideal Home HQ and the Ideal Home Network, 

we want You to have more time doing the things that are important to you so .....

  • Don't waste time searching pages and pages of google looking for your Ideal Professionals - Simply Search, Find and Connect right here!
  • If you are wanting to find your Ideal Clients - Simply list your business here at Ideal Home HQ!

By creating our network of specialised websites we are able to not only promote the very talented professionals we have here in Australia but also showcase the amazing projects they create everyday.

Our Network:

We have joined forces with one of Australia’s finest SEO experts to create an online network dedicated to showcasing our country’s finest Building and Design professionals.

Social Media:

All three websites have been created with the intention of helping home owners to create their own Ideal Home Sanctuaries thus also creating positive growth within our industry.  Win Win for all!

By providing affordable promotions packages we can ensure our professionals are well looked after whilst also ensuring the home owners are getting the very best selection of professionals to choose from. 

Ideal Home HQ is the only Australian Built and Owned Building Industry directory created by passionate individuals within the industry - for OUR industry. 

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