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How do I search by professional or service area?

Ideal Home HQ has 25 professional categories related to the Building and Design Industry

You can start your search for professionals contact information by selecting one of these categories then select the STATE then the REGION you are looking for.

Ideal Home HQ

or alternatively you can search using the large green search box at the top right hand corner of the website.  
This is particularly handy if you already know the professionals name and are just needing their contact details again 

Once you have found the professional/s you would like to contact you can either use the contact details tab (please don't forget to mention you found them on the Ideal Home Living Website) or you can email them directly from the listing using the ACTIONS tab on the right hand side and the CONTACT LISTING OWNER

How do I contact my chosen professional/s?

Once you have found the professional/s you would like to contact you can email them directly through the CONTACT LISTING OWNER link in the ACTIONS section on the right hand side of the listing 

or use the contact details tab in the listing (please don't forget to mention you found them on the Ideal Home HQ Website)

How do I create my business listing?

Simply click on the orange GET LISTED IN MINUTES button (top left hand side of the website) or click on the green +Add Business Button in the top banner. 

How do I upgrade my free listing to a paid listing?

Log into your account and go to My Listings. Click on the listing that you wish to upgrade and choose your plan

Is there a package for listing in multiple categories and / or regions?

Yes, we tailor make the package to suit your individual needs please email us at with the number of categories and / or locations you would like to be listed in and we will get back to you with a quote within 48 hours.

How do I submit content for the Business Promotion articles?

For Featured and Ultimate Package business listings we will send you and email with further instructions on how to supply this information.

We will also include hints and tips on how to get the most out of your article. 

Does Ideal Home HQ sell products?

No, Ideal Home HQ connects clients with their Ideal Building and Design Industry professional/s.

Is Ideal Home HQ an Australian Based Business?

Absolutely! Ideal Home HQ is designed and developed by builders for builders.

Is Ideal Home HQ keeping up with current marketing both online and offline?

Yes, we are constantly investing in training and mentoring for our team to ensure we are as up to date as possible with what is working and what's not!  

This allows us to promote your business with the latest strategies and techniques ensuring we are driving more customers to your door daily.

Our SEO experts and internet marketing team live, eat and sleep their respective fields and all that knowledge is utilised to promote your business.